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MAXMARGIN WEALTH BUIDER SOFTWARE® is designed upon the inputs of highly experienced and extremely successful capital market...


AL FAHAD IT CONSULTING is an fast emerging IT Software development, System Integration & IT Consultancy company (; which develops highly sophisticated software for Automated Wealth management. These Artificial intelligence (AI) based smart software works 24/5 with 100% uptime and helps its user to earn decent ROI over the invested capital in financial markets. The company has been established and incorporated under the Economic Laws and Legislation of Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

Our goal is to provide fully automatic, highly efficient and high performance Software to investors to eliminate human intervention and replace it with advance algorithms and automatic markets analysis techniques. 

MAXMARGIN WEALTH BUIDER SOFTWARE® is designed upon the inputs of highly experienced and extremely successful capital market Traders by using their high level of expertise and diversified experience to trade profitably throughout the year for many years.

Our Software works on the following principle 

"Preservation of Invested Capital + Thorough Analysis of Financial Instrument"

Our business practice is to always keep taking inputs from such Industrial giants to expand, streamline and improve the results of the software we provide. We ensure that our clients become successful and prosperous.

Our Team team consists of experienced capital market analyst, software designing experts, logical experts, and customer support professionals.

We offer fully Automated Wealth Management Software Solution. Our objective is to provide excellent solution to let our clients live the life of their dreams meanwhile our software works for the things required to live such life

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